PHANTOM by Peter Lik

Australian landscape photographer Peter Lik holds the crown for most expensive photograph ever sold.
A like masterpiece photograph in december 2014 was sold for staggering 6.5 million dollars.
The name of the masterpiece is the “Phantom” and it was sold to a private collector.
However, the media and the art industry show skepticism over the claimed sale price.
There was no any kind verification that it was sold to the anonymous buyer.
Also there was no documentation to confirm the sale.

The “Phantom” is a black and white derivative of Lik’s previous color image titled Ghost.
This photo was produced as unique print and authenticity was proved by 45 witnesses.
The location of this most expensive photo is at Antelope Canyon, Arizona.
On the both photograph there was ghost like figure within caverns of Antelope Canyon.

Image was taken with Linhof  Technorama 617, a large film format panoramic camera.
A camera that cost as one modern suv.
Is up to you to decide does this photograph worth that much.


Linhof  Technorama 617